Marine Stewardship Council in Africa

What We Do

The MSC runs an exciting and ambitious programme, working with partners to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practices.

Our credible standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability give fishers and seafood traders a means to independently verify the sustainability of their products. We work with markets to increase the availability of certified sustainable seafood and our distinctive blue ecolabel makes it easy for consumers to make a sustainable choice.


Fisheries around the world can undergo a voluntary assessment against the MSC Fisheries Standard, as a means of gaining recognition and reward for good environmental management. The MSC works in partnership with certified fisheries to grow market demand for sustainable seafood and thereby helps to create incentives for other fisheries to change.


The MSC has joined forces with some of the world’s leading retailers, brands and seafood businesses. By ensuring the traceability of seafood from MSC-certified fisheries, though Chain of Custody certification and also DNA testing, we offer credible assurance that MSC-labelled seafood has been responsibly sourced.

As part of their environmental strategies many business have placed the MSC programme at the centre of their sustainable seafood policies. We continue to support them in developing a wider range of MSC-labelled products.


The MSC’s blue ‘fish with a tick’ ecolabel on seafood products makes it easy for everyone to recognise sustainable seafood when shopping or dining out. Through our various communications and marketing activities we work in markets around the world to raise awareness of our ecolabel.