Marine Stewardship Council in Africa

Get Certified

Fishers and seafood businesses can get certified to the MSC standards to show that they support sustainable fishing and to gain access to the growing market for sustainable seafood.


The MSC Fisheries Standard brings together 15 years of collaboration with scientists, the fishing industry and conservation groups. It is the world’s most recognised standard for sustainable wild-caught seafood and reflects up-to-date understanding of internationally accepted fishery science and best practice management. Fisheries that volunteer to be assessed to this standard are evaluated against strict requirements that consider health of the fish stock, specific environmental impacts of the fishery and effectiveness of management measures.


With increasing demand for seafood from well-managed fisheries, thousands of traders, processors, retailers and foodservice outlets choose MSC to ensure the traceability and sustainability of the seafood they buy. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures that only seafood from MSC-certified fisheries can be sold with an MSC claim. Chain of Custody certification applies to any supply chain company that wishes to trade seafood as MSC-certified.

See here for details on certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard or Chain of Custody Standard.